Jet Flyers Association
New South Wales

We have shifted to West Wyalong Airfield. Approximately 65km north.

West Wyalong Council has agreed for the J.F.A N.S.W to hold 4 weekend meetings per year, 3 weekends will be run as club events, all MAAA members are invited to fly, with our main weekend to be held in September.

The airfield runs East West with the sun on your back all day, no waiting for the sun to move in the morning or finishing flying early because of sun in your eyes!

We will have use of the Airport Terminal through out the weekend for anyone to relax and have a cup of coffee or tea.

The runway is 1700 meters long by 33 meters wide, plenty of room for the large jets.

Be sure to check calendar for flying weekends on events page.

-The JFA Team